Autorità Portuale di Salerno

Territorial office of Salerno

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The Port of Salerno is recording in the first class on the second category of maritime national Ports.

The outside seawall protecting the east-facing entrance to the Port of Salerno is 350 metres long, the East Quay is 1,550 metres long and the West Quay, protecting southwest side port, is 1,180 metres long.

The commercial area goes from the border with municipal district of Vietri sul Mare up to the root of 3 Gennaio Pier.

The West Quay and the Trapezio Pier are gates opened to the vehicular traffic.

The gate with the road leading to the Manfredi Pier is situated at the end of the homonym road.

Structural characteristics

The port of Salerno has a total area of 1.7 million sq.m, whose 500,000 sq.m consist of ground area; 250,000 sq.m are employed for storage and movement, and 250,000 sq.m are employed for road network and service area.
The warehouses cubage is 90,500 cubic metres.

The Port of Salerno has the following structural characteristics:

  • Port entrance: 280 m width, 13 m water depth
  • Turning basin: 550 m diameter, 12 m water depth
  • Basins: 11.50 m water depth
  • Quays: n. 9 with an overall length 2,950 m, 11.80 m water depth
  • Moorings: n. 16 on n. 5 piers
  • Total port area: 500,000 sq.m
  • Goods storage area: 22,000 mq